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UTSA Celebrates National Employee Learning Week!

For the past several years UTSA has celebrated National Employee Learning Week by giving SMEs the credit for a successful institutional training program. This year, Training and Development sent packages to more than 120 Subject Matter Expert trainers thanking them for their contribution to employee learning.

Standing (L-R): Diane Pina, Randy Lopez, Denni McCarter, Carmen Gonzalez, Judy Verdon, Anne Jett
Seated (L-R): Stephanie Stone, Missy Guillot, Frank Erazo

Subject Matter Experts are individuals who convert their expertise in their area of employment into a class for people who interact with their area and rely on their services and knowledge. For example, a Research SME is someone who works in Research, is an expert, and teaches a class to help other employees to manage Research the correct, UTSA way.

More than 120 UTSA Subject Matter Experts received packages entitle "Take a Break on Us" containing a tin of cookies, hot chocolate and a card to celebrate the American Society of Training and Development's National Employee Learning Week.

More than 120 Subject Matter Experts serve our UTSA community. They are from many, many departments, from all around campus, and in addition to their regular jobs they take time to design and deliver courses to other UTSA employees in expert specialty areas. From safety to administrative systems, from emergency response to research administration, the SMEs are presenting in classrooms and helping to design online learning programs for hundreds of courses at UTSA.

National Employee Learning Week is an American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) initiative to bring national attention to the essential requirement of continuous learning and development for business success. Training is voted as the number one retention factor for employees in surveys conducted year after year. Training and development is critical to succession planning, strategic planning and the attainment of organizational goals in every institution and company in America.

The San Antonio chapter of ASTD hosted a luncheon and presented Best Practices in Building Front Line Performance including presenters:
  1. Jacque Burandt, Administrative Director, Staff Development, University Health System in San Antonio
  2. Kristin Kee, SPHR, Director, Human Resources at Marriott Global Reservations Sales & Customer Care
  3. Roxanne Mendoza, Director of Instructional Delivery at USAA
Several UTSA Training & Development staff attended the luncheon along with 5 Subject Matter Experts from UTSA providing all with an opportunity to meet other training professionals and discuss best practices.

Please take a minute to thank a UTSA Subject Matter Expert today for their voluntary commitment to UTSA learning needs! To find a list of SMEs go to:

Make it a point to make learning a part of your personal strategy for improvement by attending some of the several hundred classes provided each year for UTSA faculty and staff. A list of current classes can be found on UTSA's HR Training and Development website:

National Learning Week
Seated (L-R): Kristee Phelps, Missy Guillot
Standing (L-R): Nora Compean, Stephanie Stone, DeeAnn Green, Diane Pina, Carmen Gonzalez, Sara Bordelon, Gloria Harris

Date Created: 12-15-2011 09:58 P